I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Absolute truth

– — –

Therefore if a client chooses a particular drill model because “it is beautiful”, we should not comment that drills are meant to be useful instead of beautiful: who are we to judge their reasons and sense of aesthetics?

– — –

Free to choose

During sale transactions successful salespeople should offer their knowledge — not their judgments or personal opinions — in order to encourage their clients’ ability to choose autonomously.

Sincere and winning

Becoming aware of our behaviour and of its possible side effects can help us develop a sincere and effective style.

Whether this behaviour is ethical or not does not depend on the act of trying to influence someone else; it lies in how we do it, more or less selfishly.




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Alberto Aleo & Alice Alessandri

Alberto Aleo & Alice Alessandri

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